Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Walking Dead Review

Well, Walking Dead-heads...our beloved show is back! Back with a skull bashing, flesh ripping,

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FIRST LOOK: Daniel Raddcliffe in "Horns"

We first met Daniel Radcilffe when he was 11 years old. We watched him grow through 8 Harry Potter films and develop into quite the actor. He tackled Equus (in the nude) on the stage, and the moody/eerie The Woman In Black on the screen. Next? Daniel Radcliffe grows horns. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Help George Romero Get His Star!

Portrait by: Doomsberry 
Zombies are a hot commodity in Hollywood these days, but the Godfather of the Modern Zombie Movement isn't getting his due. George Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, etc) deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He's as deserving as they come and now YOU can help.

Head on over to IndieGoGo and contribute what you can. Be a part of the movement to honor Mr. Romero for all he has given us movie/horror fans over the course of our lifetime. 


Trailer Park Tuesday

It's Tuesday and here are some Trailers.

Let's dig in!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Elementary Season One, Episode One Review: "I Can't Make Bricks W

*By: Christina (Geeky Girl 101)*


I was not even going to do it, I swear. My schedule is full, I am supposed to be devoting the rest of my waking hours to homework, but like a moth to the flame, I was lured in by my enduring affection for Johnny Lee Miller and my life-long devotion to one Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

Dexter Season 7 Premiere "Are You...?"

Written By: Amanda Lowery


She knows. On the cusp of spilling her gooey and incestuous sentiments to her adopted brother Dexter, Debra Morgan catches him in the act of another serial murder. I mean, the guy(s) had it coming; Colin Hanks delivered a super creepy religious zealot reenacting Doomsday scenes with live victims as Travis Marshall who finally met his end in the season finale. Season 6 was definitely a roller coaster of disturbing revelations, and Season 7 looks to expand upon that to the ultimate extreme with Dexter’s dark passenger revealed to the one person Dexter was determined to keep himself hidden from – his sister.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thoughts On A Monday (Including Films Opening This Weekend)

Ok, you guys Thoughts...is back! Let's start with the bad news shall we?

Will Arnett and Amy Poehler...*deep breath* have split after nine years of marriage. Sources say that the split is amicable. It's a real bummer, but then...

Wait for it...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mischief Managed: the Harry Potter Retrospective

It's been hard living in a world without any new Harry Potter books or movies on the horizon. Pottermore has been fun, we will admit, but it's just not the same. An extremely talented 18-year old film student, Kees Van Dijhuizen has brought us Mischief Managed: the Harry Potter Retrospective

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trailer Park Tuesday: September Edition

It's been a long while. For those (few) of you who check back here on a regular basis, we thank you.


The Summer is winding down and Fall is approaching. We had a great Summer movie season with The Avengers, Prometheus, and The Dark Knight Rises. What's in store in the Autumn months? Check out a few of the trailers below. We start with September!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Neil deGrasse Tyson Geeking Out About The USS Enterprise

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist and all around awesome dude. He was seen around San Diego Comic Con this year and someone caught NdG at the Starship Smackdown Panel. The panel allows you to argue 'This Sci Fi starship is cooler than THAT Sci Fi starship!" and while discussing the Original TV series USS Enterprise vs The Film USS Enterprise (earlier films) the mic was handed to the audience. It just so happens that NdG was a member of said audience. Hear what he has to say about the Original Starship Enterprise.

Shooter Kills 12, Wounds 50 At Midnight Showing Of The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises opened nationwide at 12:01AM today, Friday July 20th. It is one of the most anticipated movies in recent memory and there's no doubt fans packed movie theatres across the country for midnight showings. For one crowd in the Denver suburb of Aurora, Colorado their display of die hard fandom was interrupted, tragically, by a gunman. A man dressed in a bullet proof vest, gas mask, and armed with a rifle, handgun, and (police suspect) at least one other handgun entered through the movie theatre exit,  deployed tear gas and opened fire. 

There are 12 people dead and 50 wounded. The gunman has been identified as 24 year-old James Holmes. Police say he put up no struggle and was caught in the rear parking lot. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the wounded and the families of the victims. We hope that you will join us in doing so. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

VIRAL: M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth

Columbia Pictures has launched the first bit of Viral Marketing for the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan picture, After Earth. The film stars father & son, Will Smith and Jaden Smith as they find themselves stranded on Earth after crash landing there. Problem is humans fled Earth about 1000 years prior.

COMIC CON IN REWIND: 'Dirty Laundry' Punisher Fan Film starring Thomas Jane

In 2004 Thomas Jane took up arms, donned the skull and starred in The Punisher. The film wasn't received well, and four years later Punisher: War Zone was released with Ray Stevenson in the lead. There's been a few rumblings here and there of another Punisher film (Marvel has the rights again) , but none including Jane...or Dolph Lundgren. At Comic Con (that one in San Diego) this shot film, titled Dirty Laundry, showed up. Jane's back as The Punisher and he's giving it to the bad guys in Hard R fashion! Check it out.

COMIC CON IN REWIND: Firefly 10th Anniversary Panel

Here it is, Browncoats. The cast of Firefly reunited at a tiny, indie gathering known as the San Diego Comic Con. It's supposed to be a big deal. Anyway...watch and enjoy.

SPOILER ALERT: Nathan Fillion...cries.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

COMIC CON NEWS: "Hellboy" Creator Mike Mignola Teams Up With "Dark City"/"The Crow" Helmer Alex Proyas For "Joe Golem..."

It was announced today that Mike Mignola (Hellboy, Baltimore, The Amazing Screw-On Head) and Christopher Golden's (Hellboy, Buffy The Vampire Slayer comics) graphic novel"Joe Golem and The Drowning City" will be adapted for the big screen. The directing duties will be in the hands of Alex Proyas, known for dark genre films such as Dark City, I, Robot, and The Crow

Trailer Park Thursday OZ: The Great and Powerful

The San Diego Comic Con is upon us. I am a lowly blog writer with delusions of grandeur, therefore I remain here in Baltimore. There's going to be tons of stuff breaking from the convention floors and panels this weekend/week. Some of it will be big news, while other stuff will simply slip through the cracks (yawn), and thus far nothing has really reached out a tickled my Nerd-Fancy. Until now.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Vexing Reactions to HBO's "The Newsroom"

Written By: Amanda Lowery

This past weekend I finally had a date night with my DVR and got caught up on some shows that have been building in my playlist, lingering in the back of my mind. So, I am a little late coming to the plate, but I have some things to say about HBO’s new series ‘The Newsroom’. I was excited to pull up reviews of the show to read about how everyone else is reacting, and I have to say I came away from my research down trodden and dispirited. I cannot believe this show is getting slammed the way that it is.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Rundown: Prometheus

by: Daniel Johnson

Possible Spoilers (Alien & Aliens only)

It has been said that in space no one can hear you scream. However, in the confines of a movie theatre you'll be loud and clear. In just two days, Prometheus opens and we will return to the world that Ridley Scott brought to life back in 1979.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2 Finale: Valar Morghulis

By Amanda Lowery

Book and Show Spoilers....

I would like to start off by saying how deeply satisfied I am with the season two finale for Game of Thrones. I’ve read the books, and I write about the show – so as the opening sequence began I actually felt that excited/nervous feeling in my stomach. In my reader’s mind I knew how much had to be covered before they could end it with viewers wondering what the hell could possibly happen in season 3. I assure you, Storm of Swords will not disappoint, I think the third book was my favorite because of the level of intensity of everything that happens. But lets not get ahead of ourselves and instead check out what happened in last night’s episode.