Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Rundown: Prometheus

by: Daniel Johnson

Possible Spoilers (Alien & Aliens only)

It has been said that in space no one can hear you scream. However, in the confines of a movie theatre you'll be loud and clear. In just two days, Prometheus opens and we will return to the world that Ridley Scott brought to life back in 1979.

There are few films that work on as many different levels as Alien. It was Sci-Fi, it was Horror. It had a kick-ass female hero. It had the evil corporation and it's suspicious motives. From the crammed confines of the Nostromo to the creepy surface of LV 426, Alien forever changed the sci-fi genre and became a classic. Now,  33 years later, we return to that world with Prometheus. We follow a group of explorers who try and trace the origins of man on our planet Earth. Their expedition takes them to a planet in the farthest regions of the universe, as they discover the dark truth of the creation of man.

Let's rundown what you will need to know before you sit down and experience Prometheus.


  • Naomi Rapace - Elizabeth Shaw
An archaeologist who 'cracks the code' that leads to the expedition on the Prometheus. Rapace, who played Lisbeth Salander in the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, beat out Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman for the role. 

  • Charlize Theron - Meredith Vickers
Vickers is the Weyland Corp's 'suit' placed to oversee the expedition. She'll be the character lurking around that you just don't trust (i.e. Paul Resier's Carter Burke in Aliens). Angelina Jolie and Michelle Yoeh were considered for the role.

  • Michael Fassenbender -David
The first two (technically three, but I stop watching counting after that) Alien movies contained Androids. There was Ian Holm's excellent performance as Ash in Alien. We also got, the always great, Lance Henrickson as Bishop in Aliens and Alien 3. Now we get Fassendbender as David. He says he paid more attention to performances like David Bowie's in The Man Who Fell To Earth, than his predocessors in the Alien franchise.

  • Guy Pearce - Peter Weyland
I haven't seen an indication on how big this part will be. According to Pearce, it's only 'about a minute'. Peter Weyland is THE founder of the Weyland Corporation, the company is the thread that runs through the Alien franchse. They're usually the ingredient that turns the mix sour. All signs point to this guy being a prick.

For a full cast list check out Prometheus' IMDB page.

Where Does It All Fit??

Well, I haven't seen the film I don't really know. Here's a couple of common threads from Alien to Prometheus. Actually, Prometheus to Alien, rather.


The Space Jockey

The Space Jockey (Alien)

In Alien a small group of the Nostromo's crew head down to the surface of LV 426 to investigate an emergancy transmission signal. During the search mission they discover the remains of a lifeform seated at what could a telescope or a large cannon of somesort. They find that the chest of the alien seemed to have burst from the inside out. There's not much more told or explained in regards to the 'Space Jockey', but if you've watched closely in the Prometheus trailers you'll catch a glipse of THAT very Jockey.

Space Jockey (Prometheus)
Ridley has denied on many accounts that this is a true Prequel to Alien, but the existence of the Jockey leads us to believe he's bluffing. Then there's also...






There's this spacecraft. We find that on LV 426 too. We learn ZIP! Then, the Prometheus trailer and we see this...

Looks like the same type/class of ship. I'm just not believeing you, Mr. Scott. The events in Prometheus take place 30 years before those in Alien and will share "strands of DNA", according to Scott, with Alien. Whatever that means. I suppose admitting  it to be a prequel may 'curese' the film a bit. Prequels aren't always well recieved (looking at you Lucas!).



There's a load of viral marketing for Prometheus. From David's (Michael Fassenbender) 'birthday', to Peter Weyland's (Guy Pearce) TED talk video, there's a ton of inventive viral marketing. It's all directed by Ridley Scott's son, Luke. Here's a few:

  •  Quiet Eye - A transmission sent from Elizabeth Shaw to Mr. Weyland. It's kind of creepy, but it gives you a feel for Shaw's character. Rapace is just so great.
  • Happy Birthday David - We meet the Android David and learn a little about his "model".
  • Weyland's TED Talk -Give's a look at Peter Weyland. Yeah...he's kind of a rich d-bag.
  • The Weyland Industries Website - Go ahead and poke around. It'll give you a lot of little details that may help you enjoy Prometheus more so than others.

That Song In The Trailer

After seeing the trailer, most were taken by the music and that noise. That "Wahhhhhahhhh" noise. It was the coolest trailer soundtrack since Inception. View the trailer below and enjoy the song entitled "Judge and Jury" by Audiomachine.

Keep checking back to the NSD. We will have a review up Monday!


Anonymous said...

I was surprised when I saw the opening of "The Avengers" that they showed this preview and no one cheered or anything unlike when they showed other previews and the audience cheered.

I think this movie might be a hit or miss. For myself I will be looking forward to watching the movie.

Steve P.

Anonymous said...

omg! this movie will be GOLD HOUSTON we have aproblem......imax 3d gotta be...

jason angeli