Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stephen Tobolowsky Gets New Radio Show

You may not know the name Stephen Tobolowsky, but I'm damn sure you've seen his face. Go ahead and take a look at his IMDb page. I'll give you a 15 minutes or so.


He's one of the great character actors of our time. He's appeared on TV shows such as Glee, Community, Californication, Deadwood and Justified (to name a few). You may remember him as Ned "The Head" in Groundhog Day! Stephen is always great, and rarely recognized for his craft, but aside from his acting chops, he's also one hell of a storyteller. 

About two years ago, the phenomenal movie website /Film began running The Tobolowsky Files, a podcast of Stephen sharing many of his life stories and showbiz anecdotes. They're outstanding. and  have resulted in sold out live shows, public radio broadcasts, and even a book. Today David Chen, the /Film writer responsible for getting Stephen to sit down and share his stories, has reported that Public Radio International has brought he and Stephen on board for a new show based on The Tobolowsky Files. This is great news for us Pop Culture/TV/Movie junkies and for those of us who enjoy a good story from a superb raconteur.

Check out The Tobolowsky Files over at /Film, in the meantime.

Congratulations to both Stephen and David, it's well deserved.

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