Friday, October 26, 2012

Thoughts On A Friday

Here's the ramblings and happenings of the Interwebs on Friday October 26th.

-If you have a hankering for more AHNOLD!, you sir or madam, are in luck! /Film reports that the former Governor of California will take up the sword (and the Throne) once again as Conan. That's right, Conan the Barbarian! they also have a shot of Arnold in David Ayers' (writer of Training Day) Ten. has an article exploring the Psychology of Darth Vader.

-The Election is fast approaching. If you missed it, we had a great blog posted yesterday from guest blogger Ann Marie on her "Conservative Roots".

-What will happen to Science if Mitt Romney wins?

-Lena Dunham talks about her first time...with President Obama?!

-If you're a Nerd AND an Obama supporter, get your threads here to show support!

-I have my tickets to see Cloud Atlas this evening! Here's what Flavorwire thought of the highly ambitious film.

-Meatloaf endorses Romney and SINGS!!!!!

-Straight out of a Roland Emmerich, there's a Frankenstorm a'comin!

Everyone VOTE! Everyone be safe and prepare for FRANKENSTORM! 

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